As a printmaker, I have embraced the printmaking process as an autonomous act and celebrate the significance of the individual print in the medium’s tradition of multiplicity. My primary media are intaglio with engraving and etching in combination with woodcut relief techniques; as my process develops, photography and digital media have also been integrated into the intaglio and woodcut prints, as hybrid images. Recent print series have contained both monoprints and small editions of prints that utilize multiple matrices. This in combination with selective inking of the plates and blocks allows me to improvise compositional choices and balance intentional, planned image arrangements with chance results. In addition, this part of the process allows me to reference my “catalog” of images (whether created by me or from a found image) and arrange, rearrange them in a constructive, deconstructive manner. The overall conceptual concern in my work has been an exploration of infinite, transfiguring space through a non-linear narrative using architectural language and forms. I think of the compositions as inter-spacial, inter-dimensional, multi-perspective imaginings. I am interested in an active type of space that engages the eye and the mind through labyrinthine structure, mingling the boundaries of outside and inside in an indeterminate realm.